This post is everything that people need to know to answer their questions about staying fit!

The Arklight

To many, the prospect of sweating, breathing hard and just exercising is repulsive. In the long run, staying fit and healthy is extremely important.

Staying fit can be a number of things, not just playing a sport. It can be walking around for a period of time, maybe eating right or even getting the proper amount of sleep.

Constantly eating fast food increases a person’s cholesterol, blood pressure and amount of body fat. Eating a balance of sugary and salty foods with fruits and vegetables, will improve one’s diet measurably.

Who doesn’t like walking around with their friends? The truth is, it’s actually a good way to stay active. Being active can boost your immune system and therefore keep your sick days to a minimum. Staying physically active decreases the risk of getting diabetes, kidney and liver disease.

“I think being fit helps you have energy, be in a better…

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